Sunday, January 19, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Potato Casserole

I've been sooo hungry for buffalo chicken dip!  A quick search on Pinterest (my new favorite source for recipes) yielded this somewhat unique dinner idea.  I have to admit that it did feel a tad like I was eating buffalo chicken dip for dinner.  I loved using a rotisserie chicken for this recipe, as it was quick and delicious! My skills at making a bechamel sauce are kind of hit-or-miss, but this time it was spot on!  I wasn't sure how the taste would be, because this recipe differs from the usual hot sauce and blue cheese or ranch dressing, but it was just right.  Spicy and tasty!  The only downside I found to this recipe was the time it took to bake.  1 hour and 30 minutes!  It's fine if you plan ahead, but it's not exactly a quick weeknight dinner.

Notes:  The recipe doesn't specify what type of milk to use when making the bechamel sauce, but I would recommend using whole milk.  I think it thickens better.  I omitted the nutmeg, partly because my nutmeg is several years old, and partly because I just forgot about it.  I also forgot salt & pepper (boy, I'm great at following recipes!), but it tasted just fine to me.

Overall verdict:  Yummy!  This definitely satisfied my craving for buffalo chicken dip.